Chanelle's How and Why...

My artwork is inspired by the drama, grace, and honesty shown by the horses that have surrounded my life as well as witnessing the impact that these creatures have on others – whether it be through the challenge of competition, the peacefulness of exploration, the joy and confidence from equine therapy programs, or just simple companionship. Horses help me be myself. They help me see more clearly, hear more fully, and feel everything more honestly.


Through painting intensively the last few years, the way I look at the world has changed – literally. The shadows and light while waiting in traffic, the skin tones of passersby, the reflections in water – I feel like I am painting in my mind all day long. Living in Bozeman, Montana with an amazing circle of family and friends and two all-consuming passions in my life – I couldn't feel more fortunate!


My acrylic painting process begins on my canvas with a background first showing plenty of color and movement that may flow with a sense of harmony, or could feature layers and layers of paint with endless energy, even chaos, mirroring what life brings – whether to me personally or the world at large. Then comes the subject, very frequently an equine being, typically quite focused and detailed to really capture the emotions and actions of the moment.

Thanks for viewing our artwork. We would love to hear from you with comments, questions, consignment ideas, etc.  Cheers!


August 2017 Art Walk- Solo show at Bozeman Spirits, Bozeman, MT

November 2017 -Featured in Artsy Shark blog, "For the Love of Pets"

March 2018 - Rocky Mountain Horse Expo, Art in the Park Exhibition

Associate Member - American Women Artists

November 2018 -January 2019- select paintings on display at Sundog Fine Art Gallery, Bozeman, MT